Mary Kay TimeWise

Beauty is no longer skin deep- it’s concerned with overall health, skin care, hair treatment and everything what lies beneath! Internet is full of information to allow people across the world to self-educate themselves with the ample of data and reviews available for various beauty products. It is worth mentioning here that technology has given a makeover to beauty industry!

Mary Kay TimeWiseThis is because new techniques and experiments have helped the manufacturers like us to build something which is effective and efficient at the same time. These inventions are personalized for customers and thus have helped us to analyse problems and correct imperfections for various types of skin!

Mary Kay Timewise product series have been created with touch-free design which helps in breaking down surface-level flaws such as complexion, sun damage, dark circles, loosening of skin, pores and wrinkles. We all face skin problems and if they are ignored then over the period of time they grow till the bottom root of the cells and become untreatable at times! But timewise series is here to fix every flaw with its amazing formula which evaluates the moisture in your skin cuticle, pigmentation, deepness of scars and dark circles before reacting on the skin.

Timewise products are made with a notion to provide users with a treatment which they often get when they visit the dermatologists so that they can save on those ‘expensive’ visits and proactively ward off their skin problems too! The penetration formula of these products helps in penetrating the skin and taking measurements simultaneously so as to analyse the core of a scar of mark on skin.

TimeWise Firming Eye Cream

The skin around eyes is 5 times sensitive than on other parts of your face and thus it is prone to dark circles, puffiness and dullness if you haven’t paid adequate attention to it. Eye cream helps in improving firmness, brightness and providing adequate moisture which decreases the possibility of dark circles. Its botanical extracts brighten the skin tone around eyes and also decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Timewise replenishing serum

Over the years skin loses its natural shine and glow because of many factors including environment factors! Replenishing serum from timewise is enriched with Vitamin C which helps in lifting the skin and making it firm and resilient. In other words, it helps the skin to bounce back to its original shine and glow.

Timewise Tone correcting serum

For those who just want to improve the tone of skin and make it bright and shiny after reduction of dark spots, this serum would serve the purpose.

Timewise Miracle Set

It consists of cleanser, age fighting moisturizer, and sun screen and night solution. This miracle set containing four products provides 11 benefits to your skin including reduction in appearance of lines, wrinkles and providing an even skin tone. With these age defying benefits, you can not only improve the quality of your skin but also make it tough against damages.

All products are duly tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. You can use them even if you are not facing any skin issue

95% of women across the globe have already noticed the change after using these products continuously in the desired manner. Now it’s your turn! Bid adieu to all skin problems!