Top Tips for Applying Mary Kay Makeup Like a Professional

Makeup accessories come with variety of formulas and they leave different impact on every skin type. So, selection of right product for your skin and then applying it in proper way is really challenging task. Most of ladies find it too complicated to apply mascara on their lashes; Yeah! That’s a complicated task, we too feel so. Same is the trouble with lipstick, brow pencil and all those essential makeup accessories that we have in our closet but do not how to apply them accurately. But, what if you get some idea to apply makeup like a pro? Definitely amazing! It will solve all your routine issues and of course you will be able to maintain a catchy look in your work space and for parties too. The article below contains top tips from professionals that can help you to make best use of your mary kay products to enhance your beauty.

Mary Kay Makeup - Mary kay catalogTop Tips for your Eye Catching Makeup Finish:

Start with Foundation:

Apply foundation on your face but note that it should not reach to the eyelids. Professionals never advise to use concealer or foundation as a base for eyelids because it leads to creasing of eye makeup products. In case if you are dreaming about the full coverage then you should go for brush while applying your foundation but for sheer coverage, try fingers only.

Trick to apply powder:

Never forget to apply powder before makeup and improve its touch on the places that are much shinier like T-Zone and use light dusting on other areas.

Bronzer to improve skin tone:

It is advised to use bronzer on chest, face and neck area as it helps to even the skin tone. Ensure that everything appears of same color on your skin.

Now Go for Blush:

The thumb rule to apply blush accurately is to apply it with a smile on your face and then move towards your cheeks for proper dusting. Go to top portion of the ear to improve sweep pigment and then come downward to the jawline.

Improve your looks with brow pencil:

Pick a good quality brow pencil from mary kay catalog and then apply it on top portion of your brows to avail an instant facelift. It is really effective way to change your looks for a party.

Lipstick time:

It is time to apply lipstick now, choose your favourite colour or pair it up with your party dress. Start with cupid’s blow and slowly move towards the corners of your mouth. It should be completed with smoothness must leave clear finish.

Enhance eye look with eye shadow:

It is really great idea to try a matte base type eye shadow that makes a perfect pairing with the lightest portion of your face. Apply it gently over lids and go up to brow bone without destroying your liner and brow pencil effect.

Eye Liner for impression:

Do not stand straight in front of mirror, go little closer and tilt your head upside. Your chin must go close to the mirror and then look down while applying eye liner. Start from the inner corner of your eyes and then move outwards.

Mascara: the important one:

Apply it in a zigzag motion through roots of your lashes.